About Us
Jack Finkelstein and Robert Goins, co-founders of The TEC Center Program have created opportunities for individuals who want to become successful entrepreneurs.  You are never too young to learn how to think and act like an entrepreneur. The high school drop out rate in the inner cities is over 50%.  Returning military veterans find it difficult to find jobs after serving their country.
We also understand that college is not for everyone - there is an alternative and that alternative is to become a business person, an entrepreneur.
This is an excellent opportunity for a person of any age. Whether you are a student (from public schools to colleges) or even a graduate - it is wise to become part of an entrepreneurial organization that will lead to jobs and partnerships in businesses.  That is why graduates of the Entrepreneurial School's 9 month entrepreneurial course will be guaranteed a job (and a partnership) by a second for profit corporation called The TEC Center. 
A great place for anyone to start to learn how to think and act like an entrepreneur is on our on-line training site.  We created which is an on-line site to teach individuals how to think and act like entrepreneurs.  It is currently being updated (should be completed by the end of the Third Quarter 2012). We don't care if you are still a student in school, an individual who just was released from a correctional institution, a single parent, or have the desire to succeed - our on-line site was designed for you.
The TEC Center Program was designed to put your financial success in your hands - with us as partners to help guarantee your success.
Having the full support of the TEC Center Program is what differentiates us from any other entrepreneurial program.  Not only will each graduate be guaranteed a position but we will do everything possible to ensure ongoing success of the individual.
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