What's New At TEC
WHAT'S NEW in 2012
As we get closer to purchasing the nationally accredited school with Title IV abilities, we will identify approximately 7 schools that will have approximately 1000 students in each school.  At this point in time, 5 schools will be in New York and 2 in Pennsylvania (Philadelphia).  While these numbers can change, we do predict that these 2 cities will realize the first TEC schools.
For every 1,000 students we require approximately 70 workers.  Positions range from School Administrator (the only position that will require a college degree) to Assistant Administrators, Finance, TEC School Instructors, Admin, Librarian, Maintenance, Communication, and TEC Business Analysts
That is why we are implementing the TEC 5 Month Training Program. The primary purpose of this program is to train individuals who will hold the above mentioned jobs in the Nationally Accredited school.
The TEC 5 Month Entrepreneurial Program that will be taught will include information from the following:
1)   10 Edition of the book: Entrepreneurship: How to Start & Operate a Small Business.  A Guide for The Young Entrepreneur.   Harvard University Research comments include the following; “The time-tested curriculum has proven itself to be a reliable and effective – even authoritative – approach to and course of studies in entrepreneurship and small business management for young people.”
We strongly feel that this book concentrates on the type of information that is required for all individuals who one day will work in a business – whether their own or as partners.
At the same time, we intend on including the information from the following:
2)   The TEC Entrepreneurial Program (highlighted in our training web site at  We have utilized entrepreneurial information from life skills and interviews and discussions with entrepreneurs.  Co-Founders of the TEC Center Program understand and have also customized the program to our target market. 
COST:  There is a cost of $2,500 per individual to cover expenses for the 5 month course.  It is our intent to get sponsorship from a variety of sources for the approximately 500 individuals.  It is agreed that each individual who completes the course will be offerred a position to work for the TEC Center. 
We have also formed a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation (The Entrepreneurial Center, Inc.) for corporations, foundations, organizations andndividuals who wish to sponsor students to our program.    We also welcome financial donations and donations of equipment (computers, iPads, etc.).
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